E111 - How to be a next level leader: 3 blocks to overcome

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Complexity and the rapid rate of change demands a new kind of leadership - a next level leadership. Next level is about shifting perspective to be an Amplifier - someone focused on impact and not just results. When we expand our perspective we can have greater positive contribution. There are common blocks to this kind of boundless leadership:

  • Limited awareness about the future, trends, and our own internal operating systems - our beliefs. We need to develop this awareness for the core reason that visionaries attract people.

  • Taking culture for granted. Many leaders smugly think their culture is doing great (because they of course are leading it). Culture runs companies. It is the operating system for people, and you need to program it well.

  • Procrastination around new technologies. Technology drives change and many leaders hesitate to implement.



“CEOs are increasingly worried about the speed of technological change: 76% see it as a threat to their growth prospects with 38% extremely worried … They know they need to move further and faster.”

The Top 3 concerns for CEOs, globally: • Attracting and retaining top talent • Creating new business models due to disruptive technology. • Developing the next generation of leaders The Conference Board, January 2019.

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