E121 - Go forward every day but make sure you take the lesson - Rachel Hind

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What do you do when your social drinking becomes a crippling habit in a downward spiral of destruction? We can admit defeat, we can surrender, we can ignore it, or we can own it. Rachel Hind chose complete responsibility. Her journey to sobriety is one of personal honesty, radical self healing, and personal transformation shows great courage. 

We talk about how drinking for middle aged women has increased 85% in the last ten years, the warning signs for the start of liver cirrhosis, how the first stage of healing begins with honesty with oneself, why pain and suffering can be the biggest opportunity for self empowerment, is alcoholism an addiction or not, the two very  different paths for recovery, Jack Canfield’s model of E + R = O (event plus response equals outcomes), the switch from success based on external markers to success based on living according to one’s values, and how one’s quality of life is directly related to how much uncertainty one can deal with.



24 September, 12-1pm

For senior leaders in construction, building, design, engineering

Boom or Bust: 3 People Stuff strategies to make it through the tough times ahead

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Smart Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Neurolinguistic Programming 

About Rachel Hind 

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Rachel Hind is a professionally trained Addiction and Sobriety Coach.  She is a leading expert on showing you how to “reboot” your mind and body for a healthy relationship with alcohol and drugs so you are always in full control of your life.

After 25 years of accounting and legal corporate work, Rachel changed tack to start her own business helping others, after her own journey of self discovery.

As an experienced, authentic, inspiring and compassionate coach, speaker and trainer, Rachel partners with individuals, businesses and organisations to offer breakthrough results, and create life-changing and sustainable outcomes.

Rachel’s Women Leading Change Events



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