E92 - Stop Your Passive Aggressive Language Now!

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Ever been told that your behaviour was having a negative impact on others? This kind of feedback is confronting! None of us intentionally try to be a jerk. And yet we might be coming across as less than our ideal selves. There are important people reading maps to be mindful of, and language patterns to navigate.

  • Dig below the surface and map read human emotions with this change trigger tool

  • Be mindful of language patterns that are aggressive and passive aggressive (3 types to avoid)

  • WHY you need to avoid dramatic and downplaying language



EDGE OF LEADERSHIP UNCONFERENCE, 21-22 March 2019: details here.

Change triggers that cause an Amygdala Hijack:

Uncertainty, belonging-ness and being excluded, lack of fairness, overwork, threats to status, overwork. Please see the work of Australian neuroscientist David Rock for more info.

Amygdala Hijack Language Patterns:

FIGHT mode - BACK TALK: dominating, using absolutes like must, need, should, always, never, being dismissive or attacking.

FLIGHT mode - SOUR TALK: sarcasm, needling, jibes, changing the subject, or withdrawing.

FLIGHT mode - SWEET TALK: sugar coating, dancing around the issue, trying to soften the blow.

Be mindful of DRAMATIC language: hyperbole, exaggeration, emotive narrative.

And the DOWNPLAY: over simplifying or understating.

Be DIRECT instead: state the facts without emotion or exaggeration.


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