E71 - Boundless Leadership: Secrets from the wild west of tech startups - Interview with Simon Julian, SitePoint

It’s fabulous to meet engaging people like Simon. His straightforward manner and humility has a big gravitational pull. Some quotes that stick out for me in the interview:

  • “In the end it’s all about people.” This was in response to what makes great leadership.
  • “The secret to Boundless Teams is finding the right balance on developing individuals, creating learning and growth opportunities for the team, and achieving the business goals.” It’s a balance between task and people.
  • “It’s easy to be the leader you want to be when things are going well. It’s much tougher to be the leader you want to be when things go wrong. That’s where I focus my growth edge.” Keeping composure and focus in tough times is the real test of leadership.

Simon is the General Manager and Head of Business at SitePoint, Melbourne. Founded in 1999, SitePoint is for web professionals, by web professionals: developers, designers, programmers, product creators and entrepreneurs alike. The company has 21 employees across Melbourne, Manila, and San Francisco, with an additional 450 contractors globally. Simon is an experienced leader and manager with a wide background in business management and leadership, start-up, publishing and blockchain business and tech, product management and strategy, business and partnership development and more. He's worked for some very interesting companies like Spin Communications and Lonely Planet. He's a key talent in the startup and tech space and has been a judge at the IAwards - which recognises the achievements and innovation made in ICT across all facets of the economy.

Check out SitePoint here.