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E113 - Diversity and inclusion - How we do it at GHD, interview with Rory Waddell

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics right now. The research says it is good for business. Common sense says it’s good for humans. But how do we do it? What are some considerations? Should we have targets? How do we measure success with it? In this interview with Sydney manager, Rory Waddell, an engineering people person at global consulting firm GHD, we explore what it means in practical terms with staff. We look at questions like how do you discover your blindspots? How do you surface and deal with your bias? How do people respond to diversity programs? What signs should we put on toilets?


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E111 - How to be a next level leader: 3 blocks to overcome

Complexity and the rapid rate of change demands a new kind of leadership - a next level leadership. Next level is about shifting perspective to be an Amplifier - someone focused on impact and not just results. When we expand our perspective we can have greater positive contribution. There are common blocks to this kind of boundless leadership:

  • Limited awareness about the future, trends, and our own internal operating systems - our beliefs. We need to develop this awareness for the core reason that visionaries attract people.

  • Taking culture for granted. Many leaders smugly think their culture is doing great (because they of course are leading it). Culture runs companies. It is the operating system for people, and you need to program it well.

  • Procrastination around new technologies. Technology drives change and many leaders hesitate to implement.


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E110 - How to be persuasive: an influencer's guide on what not to do

How do you convince someone to change their perspective? If you want to move hearts and minds for a cause that is deeply meaningful to you, how do you do that? Sometimes the most passionate advocates end up doing more harm than good.

  • Don't be fooled: passion is the worst form of persuasion

  • Pressure does nothing for changing opinions. All it does is push people farther in to their own perspective.

  • Curiosity and compassionate inquiry leads to persuasion.


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E109 - How to stop Cockups, Crackpots, and Conniptions

Leadership can be a volatile experience. There are some seriously difficult situations - and people - to contend with.

  • Cockups are what we fear most: failing and letting people down. Mistakes that are costly. Hurting people inadvertently. Perspective is the gateway to compassion: just because you cock things up, doesn’t make you a c*ck - at least not permanently!

  • Crackpots are a bigger concern. The biggest challenges is dealing with PSYCHOPATHS. Not all psychopaths are violent! Many are successful players in the corporate world. We need to know how to spot them, and how to deal with them.

  • Conniptions are a surprise when they happen. When a crackpot pushes our buttons and all of a sudden we lose the plot, and default to behaviour that is out of the norm. Conniptions are rare occurrences, and yet we can learn from them.


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E108 - The dark side of culture

‘You don’t know how good you have it until it changes’. This was a CEO talking about his culture after a new Chairman is on the scene. A change at the top can certainly spell doom (or boom!) for culture. There are other aspects at play too: systems and shadow. We go through two recent articles - one on Facebook and how its culture is slipping, and one from the Navy SEALs - a Special Operations Chief is arrested for war crimes.

  • Culture is your operating system for people. Know and set the code.

  • Systems drive behaviour - review yours.

  • Every strength has a shadow - are you aware of your own culture shadow?


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E102 - Leadership Hacks and Ancient Native American Wisdom - Scott Stein interview

Do you use your intuition in leadership? Would you like to develop your inner knowing to a greater level? How about a 30-second hack to change your brain waves into a meditative state? Speaker, author, and advisor Scott Stein shares his insights and practical tips on these, delegation, strategic planning, and the core of what we leaders need to do in current times of tension.

  • Native American ancient wisdom: using the Fox Walk to change brain waves for movement meditation

  • Compression planning and how it saves tons of time and avoids ‘talk fest’ in strategic planning

  • The four levels of delegating and mistakes to avoid


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E66 - 'Best of the Best' Workplace Culture - Interview with Shanyn Payne of OES


Shanyn is the Executive Director of Human Resources at Online Education Services ( where she has been since 2011, part of the start up team. She guided the creation and implementation of all people related initiatives across the business including recruitment, remuneration, leadership development and organisational culture and engagement. All this through rapid expansion and growth. The efforts have not gone unnoticed, and OES has achieved and maintained Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017 they were named “The Best of the Best”.

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E32 - Stephen Scott Johnson Interview - Conscious Transformation of an Organisational Culture

Stephen Scott Johnson, author of Emergent - The Future of Culture: A Practical Guide of Leading

Transformation, shares:

The causes that allow a movement to flourish or die

What you need in an organisation to make a cause sustainable

How change is a creative destructive process that is an invitation to becoming something more

The key differences between old power and new power, and what’s at stake if you get stuck in old


Why silos are NOT the problem

What the pivotal point is for a leader to move from TRANSACTIONAL to TRANSFORMATIONAL

The new style of leadership that is required to navigate disruption

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