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E102 - Leadership Hacks and Ancient Native American Wisdom - Scott Stein interview

Do you use your intuition in leadership? Would you like to develop your inner knowing to a greater level? How about a 30-second hack to change your brain waves into a meditative state? Speaker, author, and advisor Scott Stein shares his insights and practical tips on these, delegation, strategic planning, and the core of what we leaders need to do in current times of tension.

  • Native American ancient wisdom: using the Fox Walk to change brain waves for movement meditation

  • Compression planning and how it saves tons of time and avoids ‘talk fest’ in strategic planning

  • The four levels of delegating and mistakes to avoid


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E66 - 'Best of the Best' Workplace Culture - Interview with Shanyn Payne of OES


Shanyn is the Executive Director of Human Resources at Online Education Services ( where she has been since 2011, part of the start up team. She guided the creation and implementation of all people related initiatives across the business including recruitment, remuneration, leadership development and organisational culture and engagement. All this through rapid expansion and growth. The efforts have not gone unnoticed, and OES has achieved and maintained Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017 they were named “The Best of the Best”.

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E32 - Stephen Scott Johnson Interview - Conscious Transformation of an Organisational Culture

Stephen Scott Johnson, author of Emergent - The Future of Culture: A Practical Guide of Leading

Transformation, shares:

The causes that allow a movement to flourish or die

What you need in an organisation to make a cause sustainable

How change is a creative destructive process that is an invitation to becoming something more

The key differences between old power and new power, and what’s at stake if you get stuck in old


Why silos are NOT the problem

What the pivotal point is for a leader to move from TRANSACTIONAL to TRANSFORMATIONAL

The new style of leadership that is required to navigate disruption

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