Boundless Leadership: What leaders are desperate for

Leaders are tough nuts. They’ve got the courage to step up and be accountable, to take on responsibility, and to venture on new paths. But what do they really need? What is the thing that will make all the difference? In my work with leaders I have found that having a good sounding board and a community of peers is the biggest safe haven for CEOs, GMs, and senior executives. My latest adventure on the Larapinta reveals a few of their insights.

  • Time out with strangers in the desert is the place to develop fast friends.

  • Inspiration comes from others as much as from the views

  • Connection deepens in wild places.


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Boundless Leadership: How to run a work-life experiment

Could you run your work from the ski slopes? (or beach) What would it take to turn a holiday destination into a work destination? I’ve just spent four weeks skiing and working from the skifields. There are some key lessons to be mindful of.

  • Preparation and considerations

  • Expectations can be a killer - be mindful of yours

  • Boundaries and the value of Deep Play


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Boundless Leadership: Beware - don't let complacency kill your courage

Being comfortable breeds complacency. And complacency kills in leadership! What it kills first is courage. Getting uncomfortable through little aventures is the cure.

  • Beware the false promise that good times will last.

  • Beware that bad times will too.

  • Implement little adventures - and big ones - to exercise your courage muscle.


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What we can learn from Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan spoke to truth to power. He was unerring in his commitment and advocacy for peace and well-being for all human beings. We may not stand on a world stage as he did, but we can bring the essence of his leadership to life in the actions we take every day, and by so doing, also lead for the world.

  • Inherent human dignity.

  • Speaking truth to power.

  • Keep going.


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