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Can you mend a relationship after a mediated dispute?

Have you ever been so entrenched in an argument you just cannot budge? Maybe you’re absolutely convinced you’re right, and they’re wrong. Nothing they say will convince you otherwise. And frustratingly, they feel the same way. So you’ve had to pull in outside help to settle the argument. Is this the point of no return? Or is it possible to mend the divide?

  • Perspective is powerful

  • Why the amygdala is a no-go zone

  • Mending bridges or burning them?


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What makes a conversation tough and terrible?

Do you avoid tough conversations? Do you stress about the fallout after the fact? What makes conversations so challenging in the first place? In this article we unearth the cause of what makes a conversation tough, a circuit breaker to make it easier, and a tip to keep our imagination in check.

  • Why conversations feel tough

  • A circuit breaker for de-escalation

  • What to do before going into a tough conversation

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Design powerful experiences for a boundless team

Leadership is hard and lonely. It’s very easy to get caught up in trying to solve challenges all on our own. This is the fast-track to getting stuck! As leaders we need teams we can trust, who’ve got our back, with whom we can share the trials and tribulations of our calling. Here’s how to build bonds in your team beyond cocktails and canapes.

  • Leadership is not a solo activity.

  • Beware of culture by default.

  • 5 principles for designing shared experiences.

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Quit or Grit? When to give up

Banging your head against a brick wall? Does the breakthrough you crave seem elusive and out of reach? Desperate for a sign that things are working?  When should you kill off your dream and let it be? No one likes to feel like they failed. Here are some guidelines to help navigate the challenges when things aren’t working.

  • The Valley of Disappointment happens before a breakthrough

  • Strategic quitting is not the same as killing off your dream

  • 5 questions to ask before you throw in the towel


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How do we respond to unspeakable violence?

We mourn with our New Zealand neighbours. As they come to terms with what happened and grieve the loss of life, we need to be asking what can we do, how can we make a better future where people can live peacefully and practice whatever faith they choose? It starts with some fundamentals.

  • Start with compassion

  • Ask ‘what would love do?’

  • Reach out with kindness


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When you screw up royally: recovery strategies

We all screw up. Most of us don’t expect to screw up. The shock of it is almost as bad as the consequences of it. The real pain of screwing up is often the disappointment of not living up to our own expectations. How do we move through the heady emotions and make good again?

  • Are some incidents impossible to forgive?

  • What good can come of shame?

  • How long should we feel bad?


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You Need Courage Not Confidence To Be A Boundless Leader

Confidence is overrated. It’s an elusive horizon that keeps us from the real work we need to do now. What we need instead is COURAGE. Focus on that and confidence comes, eventually. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Why confidence is the wrong thing to focus on

  • The building blocks of activity that results in confidence

  • Three principles to help us build courage as a practice


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Secrets for surviving your new role

Starting a new role? Now leading your peers? Have you achieved a new milestone in your business with new demands and new expectations? It takes some getting used to. Boundless Leadership is about the relentless pursuit of a better future. Embracing new opportunities and roles should feel effortless and on track. The opposite is often the case! Our old inner world, setpoint, and paradigm can hold us back, dragging back from boundless edge of possibilities. New levels need new paradigms. We also need an acclimatisation process.

  • The invisible barrier that drops when we get promoted

  • Getting used to the new role: some things to consider

  • The three most important steps to take to handle the transition

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How to make sense of when bad things happen

Sometimes life throws you a real rotten lemon. There’s not much chance of lemonade in it. Positive thinking does not change the sucky-ness part of what happened. Re-framing downplays the consequences. Finding a more useful belief only happens when we’ve dealt with the mess. So what do we do instead? Here are my suggestions on how to wade through tough times and come out stronger on the other side.

  • A Chinese parable that stands the test of time, that we can adapt for a more useful approach

  • A modern take of using beliefs and positive delusion

  • The three steps I used to get over a car accident.


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Boundless Leadership: Why you should care about legacy now

Do you consider your legacy? What will be left of you once you’re gone? Most leaders dismiss this as ego-driven. Legacy with ego is vanity; legacy without ego is contribution. When you’re done achieving goal after goal and are sitting in, ‘what really matters’, then this article is for you. There is more for you to be, think, and do.

  • What the Pharaohs teach us about legacy

  • What will last 1000 years? TED curator Chris Anderson reveals what

  • How to focus your legacy


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Boundless Leadership: Stop wasting opportunities for massive impact

Are you caught up in the day to day? Do you find yourself at the end of the week not having tackled the big issues that will make the longest impact? How are your energy levels? Most leaders struggle through the week with substandard sleep, nutrition, and productivity strategies. These are the basics that need to be OPTIMISED before getting on the AMPLIFY strategies that will make the biggest long-term benefit. Don’t let yourself be the biggest block to massive impact!

  • Four key areas to optimise first

  • Why you need to OPTIMISE before your AMPLIFY

  • Seven leverage points to amplify leadership


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Boundless Leadership: When other people ruin your day

Some people are best avoided! The emotional tirades, the grim simmering negativity, the nastiness. But what if we are the one bringing in the dark clouds? What if people are avoiding US?

  • What is lack of emotional intelligence

  • How technology can increase self awareness

  • Not letting other people ruin your day with this simple strategy


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Boundless Leadership: Stop stress with powerful rituals

Habits build routines and routines drive results. There’s been a lot of effort to make these habits automatic and mindless. Ironically, it has not helped with the deep stress that comes from trying to do more in less time. It’s like we are trying to shove ourselves through the day in spite of ourselves. What if we took a different approach? Where we brought attention instead of automation to our actions? This is the power of ritual.

  • How habits turn us into mindless automations

  • How awareness trumps habits

  • Why rituals are the gateway to a glorious life.


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Boundless Leadership: The trap of success

Does work creep into all your daily thoughts - cooking, in the shower, while talking to family? Does work creep up the priority chain to the exclusion of all else? Where do you get your sense of success? Is it serving you or sending you to toil endlessly, never fully satisfied? There is another way. We need to re-define success.

  • How Achiever Disease takes hold of us

  • Our addiction to dopamine

  • The antidote that is deceptively simple


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Boundless Leadership: The hidden desperate danger facing Over Achievers

Are you addicted to kicking goals? Do you get a high each time you nail a project, sale, or milestone? Do you reach a new level at work and wonder, “what’s next?” ever hungry for the next thing? These are healthy appetites of an ambitious achiever. There is a point however when they go decidedly unhealthy. Here’s what to look out for and what to do about it.

  • The two danger points at the height of the Achiever stage

  • How to avoid fading out after reaching great goals

  • Become an Amplifier and make an even better impact.


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Boundless Leadership: Guilt - when work is more important than family

Do you feel guilty for loving your work or working late? Have you ever had to make a career choice that meant moving the family, and this was something they didn’t like? How do we make peace with the career versus family choice? Explore this with me!

  • Are you being selfish or self-first?

  • What stories are you telling about the choice, and are these helpful?

  • Do you know what fulfills you and do you let this guide your choices?


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Boundless Leadership: What leaders are desperate for

Leaders are tough nuts. They’ve got the courage to step up and be accountable, to take on responsibility, and to venture on new paths. But what do they really need? What is the thing that will make all the difference? In my work with leaders I have found that having a good sounding board and a community of peers is the biggest safe haven for CEOs, GMs, and senior executives. My latest adventure on the Larapinta reveals a few of their insights.

  • Time out with strangers in the desert is the place to develop fast friends.

  • Inspiration comes from others as much as from the views

  • Connection deepens in wild places.


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Boundless Leadership: How to run a work-life experiment

Could you run your work from the ski slopes? (or beach) What would it take to turn a holiday destination into a work destination? I’ve just spent four weeks skiing and working from the skifields. There are some key lessons to be mindful of.

  • Preparation and considerations

  • Expectations can be a killer - be mindful of yours

  • Boundaries and the value of Deep Play


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Boundless Leadership: Beware - don't let complacency kill your courage

Being comfortable breeds complacency. And complacency kills in leadership! What it kills first is courage. Getting uncomfortable through little aventures is the cure.

  • Beware the false promise that good times will last.

  • Beware that bad times will too.

  • Implement little adventures - and big ones - to exercise your courage muscle.


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