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Boundless Leadership: Stop wasting opportunities for massive impact

Are you caught up in the day to day? Do you find yourself at the end of the week not having tackled the big issues that will make the longest impact? How are your energy levels? Most leaders struggle through the week with substandard sleep, nutrition, and productivity strategies. These are the basics that need to be OPTIMISED before getting on the AMPLIFY strategies that will make the biggest long-term benefit. Don’t let yourself be the biggest block to massive impact!

  • Four key areas to optimise first

  • Why you need to OPTIMISE before your AMPLIFY

  • Seven leverage points to amplify leadership


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Leadership Practice #1: The Practice of Happiness

Damn. My mind kept spinning through the task list, conversations with clients, and what I needed to pack for the trip. Some meditation! It was more like a mental washing machine on spin cycle.

But that is the experience of meditation. Show up, do the work, and just be ok with whatever happens. Sometimes its blissful, often times not.

The same is true of leadership. It is a daily practice, not an end goal. When we show up every day in practice, we add depth, breadth, and richness to our work as leaders....

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