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Bust beliefs that make you a martyr

What percentage of your life is currently your own? I ask this question of every new client. The answers range from 5% to 100%, the latter being a rare answer. The stories we tell ourselves about our world matter: they determine whether we feel good or bad, whether we feel powerful and in control, or helpless and stuck. In this article we go through some common narratives, and work on crafting a better personal story.

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How do you challenge your point of view?

Bias is big in the news, and for good reasons. We can make all sorts of ridiculous errors and assumptions based on default thinking: hire the wrong people, pass over the right people, not listen to an important perspective, jump to conclusions, make a bad decision, and the list goes on. As leaders, we need to be more aware of what and how we are thinking. We need to make the software of our mind more transparent, so we can update if necessary. But how do we do that? How do we challenge our point of view? The secret lies in the stories we seek.

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Expand your perspective and take massive action

What happens when you take a handful of smart clever people and invite them to share their wisdom? Stuff gets done. Here are key insights from the speakers of the Getting Sh!t Done Club that rocked through Australia and New Zealand last week. New perspectives mean massive action.

  • Fundamentals for boosting energy

  • Technology projects that won’t fail or overwhelm

  • Be change positive and get your creative juices on


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