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E85 - Deep play and work-life experiments

We’ve gone from work-life balance to work-life blending. What happens when that blending turns to work-life bleeding? Have we blurred the lines so much that we never get a break? Can we really live the dream of working in holiday locations? My insights on how to best run work-life experiments, and the incredible value of Deep Play.

  • The big realisation when it comes to work-life experiments: it’s not a holiday. And what to do about that.

  • What’s at the intersections of deep work, deep rest, and deep play that we can apply to all aspects of our life and work.

  • My specific routines to manage transitions between work-life segments.


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E84 - Smart Teams, How to work better together with Dermot Crowley

There is so much friction in organisations that gets in the way of us being more productive. Life would be simpler if we could just get on with our work! Yet working in teams is the way we can get more done. In his new book, Smart Teams, Dermot Crowley unpacks what we need to do to reduce friction and get in to flow when we work together. He shares some additional insights on the podcast interview.

  • Four key qualities for a productive culture: purposeful, mindful, reliable, punctual.

  • Four things that create super-productive culture: it’s a leadership issue, all staff need productivity training, agreements on how we are going to work together, and leaders need to model the desired behaviour.

  • Don’t do meeting planning backwards! Start with context - the why and purpose of the meeting. Then the what, the content. Finally the co-ordination piece - who needs to be there, where, and when.


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E83 - How to create and experience boundless energy

Energy is key to everything in leadership! When you are worn out, sick, or otherwise flat-lined, you are no good to anyone, and everything is a lot harder. There is more to energy management than just diet and exercise. In this episode I share the 12 simple strategies to create boundless energy.

  • The three main strategies for energy boosting: give, receive, enhance.

  • The four pillars of energy to hone: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

  • How to use your journal to celebrate.


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E82 - How to spread inspiration like wildfire - Interview with Richard Nongard

To go viral is to excite the imagination and spread a message. Beyond silly memes, how do we engage the hearts and minds of the people we lead and the people we serve? There are critical skills and daily habits to make sure we are reaching as many people as we can, in the best way possible. We explore the strategies with Richard Nongard, author of Viral Leadership: Seize the Power of Now to Create Lasting Transformation in Business.

  • Intention vs goal-setting: the subtle difference that creates real results.

  • Four ways of gaining buy-in from every stakeholder.

  • The habits that commit leadership to the subconscious mind.


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E81 - 4 factors for success as an executive, a riveting chat with Ron Carucci, co-author of Rising to Power

More than 50% of executives fail within their first 18 months of their new role. After 10 years plus of research, Ron Carucci, HBR and Forbes contributor and global leadership consultant, reveals what are the skills you need to avoid these failures. A riveting interview where we look at critical aspects of leadership to ensure success long-term at the highest levels of leadership. A must listen for all new, and established, executives.

  • Forfeiting power, not abusing it, is one of the biggest downfalls of executives

  • Know what kind of decision-maker you are and declare the decision-making process ahead of any meeting

  • How to recover from a major career disaster


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E80 - Composure: How to be calm when things are tough

Composure is the doorway to better leadership. It allows us to respond rather than react, and to make better decisions as a result. I wrote a whole book about it! Here are some key insights to help you.

  • How to tame the dragons, our innermost fears, and make them serve us rather than slay us

  • How to use quests to best express our personal purpose

  • How to use crucibles to explore what we are capable of


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E79 - Boundless Leadership: How to beat the winter blues

Winter can be a real bummer. If you find yourself wanting to crawl in to a hole and hibernate, fear not! Here’s how to make the most of the winter, while honouring the desire to curl up and sleep.

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder: signs and evolutionary reasons of its impact

  • Learning from the Norwegians and other northern hemisphere folk

  • The Be-Think-Do strategy for hibernation, and what we can learn from bears


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E78 - Boundless Leadership: Secrets of Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs are some of the toughest human beings on the planet. Their training is brutal. Their war experiences even more so. What can we learn from them as leaders?

  • War stories: experiencing the warrior life

  • Warrior mindset: books that take us through the primal high performance mind

  • Fit as a SEAL: workouts and mindset training from the super elite


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E77 - 3 journeys you need to take to be Boundless

Adventure is an essential aspect of being a Boundless Leader - to explore new horizons keeps us in growth and contribution. Yet not all journeys need to be physical. There are 3 journeys you can explore to expand your capacity as a leader.

  • Insights from the Jatbula trail

  • What focus we need as Boundless Leaders

  • How do you ‘spend’ a day?


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E76 - Boundless Leadership: Build connection in tech, without tech, at Fireside Conference!

Camp is not a ‘thing’ in Australia. And it totally should be! Daniel Levine, entrepreneur in the tech and legal space, has been hosting a unique and powerful tech community event since 2015. He’s got a great philosophy when it comes to creating meaningful connections - a great way to be a boundless leader.

  • The recipe for great connections and a meaningful event: it starts with the premise, “Attendee first”, and “Disconnect to connect”.

  • Best tips include: no name tags, no VIP break outs, speakers stay for the entire event, all inclusive ticket, and choose your own adventure.

  • All we can do as leaders is “set the table”, do that right, and things progress well.


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