E116 - Excellence is a daily commitment, interview with Olympian Dan Collins

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“You can be excellent, but not have excellence in your life.” Four time Olympian Dan Collins says his biggest failure was his proudest moment - it allowed him to become the man he is. Competing at the highest level in sports teaches us a thing or two about performance. But Dan discovered something more than that. He discovered that elevation of consciousness is the highest end game for any human, that mastery of emotions is pivotal for any endeavour, and that physical health is the foundation for all things. In this intimate and open conversation, Dan shares his nightly journaling habit, his ‘mindless’ exercise practice, meditation for mindful stillness, how mastery of big moments comes down to breathwork, how practicing stepping into big moments helps us prepare for even bigger moments, what exactly is a ‘big moment’ (it’s the goal driven commitment we make to ourselves, our family, and the people we serve), how big moments are the threshold of what you are striving for and who you are aiming to become, how at the ‘edge of limits is where life happens’.

Dan also shares his three cornerstone principles: developing consciousness and personal accountability, embracing excellence as a never ending journey, and LOVE - be vulnerable enough to give and receive love and savour love of life itself. Dan believes we need both a FIXED mindset (concrete goals to strive for) and a GROWTH mindset (practicing excellence as a never ending habit). What is he most proud of? Longevity of his excellence journey - the tests get bigger as you get bigger as a human.


About Dan Collins

Dan Collins.jpg

Dan is a four times Olympian in kayaking along with numerous other championships:

  • Competed – Barcelona Olympic Games, 1992.

  • Bronze Medalist – Atlanta Olympic Games, 1996.

  • Silver Medalist – Sydney Olympic Games, 2000.

  • Competed – Athens Olympic Games, 2004.

  • Numerous State & National Medals

  • Studied at Griffith University

 After leaving sports as a competitor, he stayed as an administrator for organisations like:

  • AIS

  • World Rugby

  • Sydney Roosters

  • Cronulla Sharks

  • Manchester City

Now he is a corporate coach, trainer, and advisors to business worldwide, assisting leaders to create winning environments.

Dan’s website 


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