E14 - Discover why resolutions don’t work and 9 simples steps to begin instead for an awesome year

Resolutions be gone! Let's stop making ourselves 'wrong' and needing to be 'fixed'. I propose an easier more gentle way of approaching our evolution. Here are 7 reasons why they don't work and 9 steps on what to do instead.

Resources mentioned:

Adam Grant's Give and Take - A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Adam Grant's TED Talks:

Are you a giver or a taker?

The surprising habits of original thinkers

New Year Reflection Tool

The Nine Steps:

  1. Create an amazing picture of what you want to experience/become/achieve
  2. Get super clear why this important to you. 
  3. Surface your counter intentions 
  4. Project forward. 
  5. What identity do you need to embrace? 
  6. Set an INTENTION.
  7. Implement a tiny habit. 
  8. Make your intention highly visible. 
  9. Check in and reflect.  
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