E60 - Book Review - Matt Church's NEXT

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Key Points:

  • We need to do work better. Simple hacks can make a big difference to how we think and get things done.
  • The landscape of work and living is volatile and uncertain, we need new skills to handle it.
  • How you think, how you execute makes the difference.

Key Principles:

  • Do things better, faster. Reinvent reading by taking a strategic approach to how you consume books.
  • Address your attitude with a growth mindset, and embracing the progress paradox (enjoying process as well as results).
  • Be ruthless with productivity. Re-structure meetings to be effective. Establish what kind of team you want (family or elite).
  • Think better. Get across trends. Know how to run scenarios. Look for truths behind information, patterns, and intersections.

Benefits of the book:

  • Great example of how to process the world into useful, actionable take-aways.
  • Simple models that bring the concepts to life.
  • Well referenced and researched if you want to take a bigger, deeper dive into a topic.
  • There are discussion points at the end of each chapter so you can work through these topics with your team, therefore brining the insights to life in a practical way.