E112 - Stop being a slave to your own miserable story!

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How do you see the world? What’s your point of you? How we see the world, how we see ourselves, is terribly important. Perspective is powerful: how we see ourselves and how we see the world determines the action we take and therefore the results we get. So it makes sense that we pay a lot more attention to a point of view. This podcast series is about exploring points of view. We will be interviewing a number of different leaders in various industries to explore how they see the world, and how they see themselves. 

As a good starting point though it’s important to see how we author ourselves, how we develop stories about who we are and how we operate. In this podcast episode we go through some typical negative stories and how we can turn those around and to create better narratives, or points of view, that make us powerful agents in creating our own reality.


Great book about perspective and creating your own reality: Chris Holder - Useful Belief - Because it’s better than positive thinking

Dr Kiran Bedi - one of the most remarkable living leaders from India.

Joseph Campbell - Hero With A Thousand Faces: All about the Hero’s Journey

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