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E82 - How to spread inspiration like wildfire - Interview with Richard Nongard

To go viral is to excite the imagination and spread a message. Beyond silly memes, how do we engage the hearts and minds of the people we lead and the people we serve? There are critical skills and daily habits to make sure we are reaching as many people as we can, in the best way possible. We explore the strategies with Richard Nongard, author of Viral Leadership: Seize the Power of Now to Create Lasting Transformation in Business.

  • Intention vs goal-setting: the subtle difference that creates real results.

  • Four ways of gaining buy-in from every stakeholder.

  • The habits that commit leadership to the subconscious mind.


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E81 - 4 factors for success as an executive, a riveting chat with Ron Carucci, co-author of Rising to Power

More than 50% of executives fail within their first 18 months of their new role. After 10 years plus of research, Ron Carucci, HBR and Forbes contributor and global leadership consultant, reveals what are the skills you need to avoid these failures. A riveting interview where we look at critical aspects of leadership to ensure success long-term at the highest levels of leadership. A must listen for all new, and established, executives.

  • Forfeiting power, not abusing it, is one of the biggest downfalls of executives

  • Know what kind of decision-maker you are and declare the decision-making process ahead of any meeting

  • How to recover from a major career disaster


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