End of Year Review and New Year Planning Tool - free resources

It’s the end of the year! And we are on the threshold of a brand new one.

As is my tradition for the least 15 years, I have a brand new reflection and planning tool for you. I’ve opted for simple graphics (i.e. none) in favour of maximum usefulness and content.

I heard Tony Robbins say this many years ago: “A life worth living is a life worth recording.” So pickup your journal and get started.

First, review the year that was. We will pay homage to it, celebrate its finer points, and make use of the less than finer points. Here is your reflection resource.

Next, let’s create a new kind of year. A year here you become an AMPLIFIER, not just an achiever. In this brand new resource, I reveal the alchemy of an Amplifier. We are focused on key guiding principles rather than short-term goals. Enjoy your Amplifier Map here.

I’d love your thoughts on these. Please send me a message or leave a comment. Above all else, do take the time to reflect and process. It’s a glorious time to be alive on this one and only truly magical planet.

Lots of love to you and yours this holiday season!

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