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Leadership success with this simple habit

How does your day finish? With a blur, a sigh, a cold drink? End of day habits drive the tone of the day. This simple, inexpensive, easy to do and easy to stick to habit can make the big difference in a day, and a year, well-led, and well-enjoyed.

  • We can craft peak experiences with focus on senses

  • Build your leadership success day by day through your yearly theme

  • Use a Moments Journal to keep you focused and on track, while building memory and attention

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Mid year leadership reflection questions

The year is half way through. It’s a good time to take stock. Here are some questions and reflection exercises to help make the most of what has been, and what is yet to come.

  • Reflection is like navigation, start by assessing where you have been.

  • Next, determine where you are going - clarify the destination.

  • Finally, decide on your route plan - what steps you need to take next.


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Signs Your Leadership Maturity Is About To Shift

Human development is no picnic. We come face to face with who we are and realise there is likely a better way of being in the world. We discover that we might be better, and by correlation, who we are now might not be as awesome as we once thought.

Self awareness is like seeing a video of yourself and realising the picture in your head does not match what is being shown back to you. It’s the painful precursor to growth, if you decide to embrace something different.

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Mid-Year Reflection: Time to take stock

One of the keys to being an effective leader is to embrace a reflective practice. This is why I give each of my coaching clients a journal and some regular reflection questions. It's one of the best ways to develop self-awareness and increase insight.

I do two major big picture reflections per year – one at the end of the year, and one on my birthday. This kind of reflection is useful periodically to take stock, reassess, and course correct if required. And the clock just ticked over another trip around the sun for me! So I'm sharing my process with you so you can add it to your own reflection rituals.

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