Corporate Culture: An interview with Megan Bromley, RedBalloon

In this awesome interview Megan reveals:

  • Why ‘Human Resources’ is so passé and why she loves her title, “Head of Employee Experience”
  • Why RedBalloon has been voted “Best Place To Work” by BRW for five years in a row
  • The 3 key components that make RedBalloon’s culture so attractive
  • How the organisation’s values evolved organically and are embedded not only through processes from recruitment and performance management but in well-promoted company lore
  • Funky employee reward schemes like the Monthly Oscar Award, Annual Values Award, and the employee Dream Catcher
  • The Happiness Revolution and the RED Principle – “Recognise Every Day” and its impact on high performance culture
  • Measuring success through the usual business performance measures as well as the 3 Personal Promises, aligned and publicly tracked against the company’s strategic plan
  • How to track and monitor cultural performance and health through the Employee Net Promoter Score and the more regular Pulse Checks
  • The Employee Experience Framework with its Six Pillars of Success.
Megan Bromley, former employee of RedBalloon

Megan Bromley, former employee of RedBalloon